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For Employers

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At New Beginnings, we don’t just help you to fill your vacancy. We help you to find the people who will thrive in your company.


Recruitment isn’t just about jobs. Recruitment is about personalities. Our clients choose us because our holistic approach finds people that fit. People that love their new job. Companies that love their new people.

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Our experts will identify the requirements of the job; the skills, the experience, the qualifications. But also, the human elements that make up the perfect candidate.


We are licensed to use an innovative suite of testing and interview methods that assess not just psychometrics but also culture awareness. These unique insights help us to find the people that will be the best addition to your company.


Our experienced team can also help you to establish an assessment centre within your organisation. Equipping your teams with the tools and skills to control your own recruitment.

Not only about new beginnings, we’re also about nurturing growth. We can help you to build a brand people dream of working for.


Our brand management team bring together marketing and creative expertise to work with you to define your individual employee brand. A brand that will attract the best talent to your business.

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For Candidates

Our first step is to get to know you during an hour’s consultation. Our aim is to understand your skills, experience, motivations and requirements from your next move. We will help you to reflect on previous work experience, your thoughts from exit interviews and your aspirations for the future.

We then work with you to best showcase yourself to a new employer. This includes CV preparation, use of LinkedIn and other social media, and utilising networks. And when you are ready to interview for your dream role, we will ensure you are prepared and confident in your approach.

We think looking for a new job is an ideal time to get to know yourself better. Using a range of tools including psychometric profiling, together we can find out how you work best.


Not all leaders are extroverts, and not all extroverts are leaders. Taking the time to reflect on what creates job satisfaction for you is key to happiness and success at work.

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Our work with employers spans a broad range of industry sectors. Our clients are companies of different sizes in both the UK and globally. Our portfolio gives you access to a wide selection of roles.


We believe our focus on personality enables us to find the perfect fit for our candidates. We want you to love your next job as much as we love ours.

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