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Exit interviews

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We have developed an impartial and compassionate exit interview framework. Our customised, forward-thinking scripts allow qualitative data on organisational culture and values to be gleaned from departing employees. The framework then enables the development of actionable plans that will deliver positive change. 

The interviews can be carried out by experienced New Beginnings' consultants either face to face or remotely. Alternatively, we can advise your HR team on how to implement both the framework and the interview process yourselves.

In addition, we can assist with instances of redundancy by following the exit interviews with career counselling. Our recruitment arm can provide compassionate support for employees taking their next move.


Carrying out exit interviews with thought and sensitivity can be doubly beneficial. Firstly it can provide highly valuable insight to the culture of your organisation. Secondly it can help to make each employee's departure a positive experience.  


Cultural insights based on real experience can be used to identify and implement positive change. In the long-term this can have an impact on employee retention, and help to reduce the costs associated with high turnover.


Employees that walk away from your company with a positive reflection, can become organisational advocates. Treating each departing employee as a future customer, supplier or even leader can be a wise investment. 

We can help to turn each final chapter into a new beginning.

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